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Why Play Table Tennis?

For some people table tennis is a sport played as kids in the church gathering hall many years ago or perhaps in a friend's gaming room but table tennis is so much more!

There are many benefits to playing table tennis. It is terrific cardiovascular exercise that improves overall health, coordination, reflexes, and mental alertness. Yes, it is a physical activity but is played mainly indoors so weather is never a problem and safe for all ages! If you don't feel you can hit a ball hard enough, why not sharpen your tactical strategy or hone in on your accuracy? With practice and dedication, you can make table tennis your own by focusing on your own talents and drive which, of course, you need to play to discover your own unique qualities!

Dutch Sport Club Life

Unique to the Netherlands is a sporting club culture that revolves around specific organizations like football (soccer), tennis or chess that are dedicated to providing a warm, active and safe place for members to participate in general play, training and competitions. But the club scene isn't solely about sports. It is also a community based culture that maintains the ever important human need to feel connected. Sport lovers of all levels and ages socialize and find needed rest and relaxation in a comfortable atmosphere.

Clubs are focused on a common love for a particular sport that connects its members in a way you generally don't see, for instance, at a fitness gym or public swimming pool. The shared interest is the heart of a sports club and the collective of its members...the soul.

Our Club

Here at TTV Flash we firmly believe in our organization. With love and dedication our club provides excellent facilities for all of our members not just to play table tennis but to provide a supportive environment as well as exercise sessions and various other youth activities. We encourage an active and playful lifestyle while nurturing social bonds. In short, we are a family!

Our staff maintains high standards where family and friends can enjoy healthy activity and leisure.

Join us for a trial session or just to have a look around at no cost to you. We want to ensure the best possible experience so you can make the best decision for your needs. Please, do not hesitate to ask our staff for personal assistance. You can also find answers to frequently asked questions like programs and fees on our website.

We are here to welcome you!